Flower Market: The Callback of Main Data Shows Obvious Trend of Transfer in Industry

Date:2018-01-26 View: 345 Compiler:

It is reported on China Garden Website on September 6th that Ministry of Agriculture published a series of data of flower market in 2014. Compared with the data in 2013, the cultivated area of flowers increased bu cultivated space of procted area decreased by 3.01%; the total sales in flower indudstry slightly declined by 0.67%; the export of flowers dropped by 4.08%. Ahter the fast development during the first half of the 12th Five-Year Plan, many important data show negative growth in 2014. All those figures manifest the transfer and dynamic adjustment of the whole industry.

From three aspects can we analyze the situation:

1. The fresh cut flowers have the largest decline while the amount of lower usage in industry increase.

2. Much pressure has been put on green house industry due to the reduction of protected area.

3. Operational entities decreases, causing the drop of employees.

Author: Chen Lian

Source: China Green Times

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