Review of the Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing 2016(May, 11-13, 2016)


Statistics & Analysis


The total exhibiting area: 31769sqm

Exhibiting countries and regions: 31

National pavilions: 6

Exhibitors: 679

Overseas exhibitors: 189

Countries and regions that Professional Buyers were from: 46

Professional Buyers: 24196

Concurrent Activities: 52

Static Works Exhibitions: 9








Fringe Programs


Sino-Dutch Hortiflor Seminar---How to Build A Sustainable and Profitable Horti Chain in China?

New Technologies and New Products of Vertical Greening Forum

Modern Greenhouse Equipment and Technology Innovation Forum

Ornamental Horticulture and Agriculture Landscape

E-Commerce Training for Chinese Floriculture

Modern Garden Forum and The Second New Varieties of Garden Plants Exchange Meeting

The Way to Develop the Succulent Plant Industry

Florists’ Exchange Meeting

Combined Bonsai Works Exchange Meeting

Presentation of French companies, their products and their Know-how

New Product Release of Linyi O.lvy Agriculture Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd.

Bonsai with Flowers (Dahia Pinnata and Lotus Lantern) New Product Recommendation and Cultivation Technology Exchange Meeting

“The Annual Flower Queen”, The Most Popular Exhibit on Wechat

Large-sized Flower Arrangement Performance:

14 floriculture masters from China mainland, Germany, Japan, Spain, Taiwan, USA, and etc., brought great performances and pleasures to the visitors for two days.  

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