The 20th Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing Exhibitor Fringe Programs

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Fringe Programs
1. Opening Ceremony
Time:9:00am-9:30am, May 10th 2018
Venue:Northwest side,South Entrance Hall, China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) 
2. China Flower Horticulture Potted Industry Supply and Demand Summit
Time:May 10, 9:30-12:00
Venue: W3A01 Meeting Room 
Managed by: Potted Section of China Flower Association
Shanghai Huifeng Dog Information Technology Co. Ltd..
Based on serving industry, build trading platform, promote industry exchange, product display, promote industry development, upgrade industry level, adapt to market demand; We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of potted garden industry chain enterprises and develop modern potted garden industry.
Topic: Core Competitiveness and Enterprise Informationization
Speaker: Walter Wang
General Manager of Shanghai Sun-Eco Co. Ltd
Topic: HHG - Start the 2.0 Era of Flower and Plant Industry
Speaker: DengFeng Qiu
CEO of Shanghai HHG Information Technology Co Ltd
3. Garden Maintenance Modern Science and Technology Forum
Time: May 10. 13:30-17:00
Venue: W3A01 Meeting Room
The main Idea of Garden Maintenance Modern Science and Technology Forum is Green, Ecology, Technology, Innovation. It aims to promote the modernization of Chinese landscaping and maintenance industry, and contribute to energy conservation, environmental protection, efficiency and renewable development. The forum cover a new concept of garden plant protection , green waste, flowers, garden covering new technology, electric, intelligent garden maintenance of modern science and technology content, the high-level dialogue platform will become the Chinese garden maintenance industry.
Host:Liu Jun
Topic:New technology of new varieties of garden flowers
Speaker:Ruan Lin  
President of Guangzhou Forestry and Garden Science Research Institute
Topic:The present situation and development trend of garden machinery industry
Speaker:Wei Jian
Secretary general of China forest machinery association
Topic:The equipment for the utilization of residual energy in gardens
Speaker:Yu Guosheng
Secretary general of garden machinery branch of China forestry machinery association
Topic:Scientific prevention and control of lawn pests and diseases
Speaker:Yin Shuxia
Beijing Forestry University ‘s doctoral advisor & Professor
Topic:The function and innovation of modern irrigation in garden conservation
Speaker:Su Derong
Beijing Forestry University ‘s doctoral advisor & Professor
Topic:New concept of garden plant protection
Speaker:Pan Quanshan
Sales Director of Turf and Gardening Business
Topic:The significance of the landscape and garden conservation
Speaker:Li Yiwei
President of Misho Ecology Landscape Co.,Ltd
Topic:The equipment modernization of green waste material disperses
Speaker:He Xin
Topic:The Development Trend of Modern Science and Technology on Garden Maintenance
Speaker:Li Min
4. Facing to all the related participators esp. The breeders from home & abroad of Hortiflorexpo IPM 2018
Time: May 10, 9:00-12:00
Venue: W-104 Meeting Room
Managed By: Beijing Zongke PBR & Royalty Management Co., Ltd
Topic:Professional PBR Lawyer And G-Man Teach You How To Collect Key Evidences Of Infringement And How To Against PBR Infringement In China
Speaker:Yu Renchun, PBR Lawyer
            Yu Shujun, PBR Attorney
Topic:To Bring Your New Varieties Into Chinese Markets & The New Ones Created In China Abroad By Beijing Zongke
Speaker:Dr. Yu Shujun
Topic:Beijing Zongke --- Your Caretaker of New Variety (PBR & Royalty):
Speaker:Luo Huixin,  CEO, Beijing Zongke
5. China Int’l Floricultural and Horticultural Development Forum -2018 National Anthurium Industry Forum
Time: May 10, 13:30-16:30
Venue: W-202 Meeting Room 
Managed by: China Flower Association (CFA) Potted Plant Branch 
Anthurium Industry Group from the CFA Potted Plant Branch
         Dashun International Flower Co., Ltd.
         Guangzhou Flower Research Center
Introduction to the latest market situation of Anthurium
Releases of new varieties of Anthurium
Promotion of the culture and new appliance of Anthurium
Market exchanges, Review and Outlook of 2017 New Year Flower Market
6. High-Efficiency Garden Plant Protection Summit Forum
Time: May 10, 14:00-15:00
Venue: W-101 Meeting Room
Managed by: Beijing Linhai plant protection Technology Co., Ltd.
In order to respond to the needs of plant protection in the garden industry and solve the four major problems of garden plant protection, Linhai Plant Protection opened the era of high efficiency in garden plant protection and guided the trend of plant protection in the garden industry. During the exhibition, Beijing Linhai held a high-effect gardening plant protection summit forum。
Topic: High-efficiency garden plant protection is an inevitable historical development;
Speaker: Chen Dajun
State Academy of Forestry Administration
Sun Honggen
Chairman of Beijing Linhai plant protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Topic: High-efficiency garden plant protection and hosting services will become popular soon
Speaker: Wang Xinjian
General manager of Beijing Linhai plant protection high-efficiency maintenance Business Unit
Topic: The marketization of high-efficiency plant protection
Speaker: Zuo Wenchong
Manager of Beijing Linhai plant protection  Technology Co., Ltd.
Topic: High-efficiency plant protection medicine artifact technology to explain.
Speaker: Liu Yusheng
General manager of Guangxi Tianyuan high-efficiency equipment research and Development center
7. The market development and application of Growing Kits
Time: 15:30-16:30 PM, 10th May
Venue: W-101 Meeting Room
Managed by: Shanghai Seed Industry Group Co Ltd.,
①Concept and classification of Growing Kits
②The development of European Growing Kits
The past and present situation of product types and sales mode
     UK---Classic case 
③Product features
④Product Type in China and market situation
Layout solution
 ⑤Video and photo share of growing procedure and finished plants from growing kits
8.ICL Advanced Technology Communication for Controlled Release Fertilizer—the inventor of CRF in the world
Time: May 10, 14:00-16:00
Venue: W-102 Meeting Room
Managed by: ICL Specialty Fertilizer
Speaker:Arnoud Touw
International sales lead T&O 
①The advanced CRF technology for Osmocote 
②The history of Osmocote development 
③Introduction for ICL Specialty Fertilizer 
④Introduction for WSF Peters 
9. Technical seminar for cultivation
Time: May 10, 14:00-16:30
Venue: W-104 Meeting Room
Managed by: Guangzhou Hee-Hua Horticulture Co.,Ltd.
Speaker:Alejandro Bock
Italian Hibiscus breeding Expert
Topic: Technical seminar for cultivation of Hibiscus
①The new varieties of Hibiscus are more suitable for potted flowers
②Recommendations for cultivation of Hibiscus
Speaker:Selecta Dianthuss breeding Expert
Topic: Technical seminar for cultivation of Dianthus
①Recommendation of new Dianthusvarieties
②Recommendations for cultivation of Dianthus
10. Sino-Dutch Forum 
Time: May 10th 14:00-17:00
Venue: W-103 Meeting Room
Managed by: Agricultural Section, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to China
General theme: Dutch Sustainable modernization in an innovative and green way
Welcome Speech
14:00 – 14:10
Speaker: Henk Stigter
Agricultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
14:10 – 14:20
Speaker: Liu Hong 
General Secretary of China Flower Association
14:20 – 14:40 
Topic:Dutch Recipe to Horticultural Excellence: Expertise, Craftmanship and Innovation-Ridder automation solutions for protected horticulture
Speaker: Fulco M.Wijdooge
General Manager China of Ridder (Shanghai) Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd 
14:40 – 15:00
Topic:Priva energy solutions: examples of sustainable innovation in China
Speaker: Junyi Xu
Project manager of Priva International Beijing Ltd.
15:00 – 15:20
Topic: Sustainable Potted Flower Production and Flower Park Development
Speaker: Ibo Gulsen
General Manager China of Jansen‘s Overseas B.V.
15:20 – 15:40
Topic:Horticultural project in China  
Speaker: Didi qian
Area manager China of Delphy BV
15:40 – 16:00
Topic:E-times for sharing 
Speaker: Wierd David Vonk
General Manager Asia of Hoogendoorn Asia
16:00 – 16:20
Topic:Beautify your world with fresh flowers 
Speaker: Robin de Vos
General Manager of Holex Flower BV
16:20 – 16:40
Topic:Philips LED in Horticulture – high wire and Floriculture
Speaker: Dai Jianfeng
Asia Plant Specialist of Philips Horticulture LED Solutions
16:40 – 17:00
Topic:Flower post-harvest treatment technology from Chrysal
Speaker: Alyssa Guo
China representative of Chrysal
Frank Scholten
Asia Area Manager of Chrysal
11. Greenhouse gardening for innovation technology Open Forum
Time: May 11 9:30-12:00    
Venue: W3A01 Meeting Room
Managed by: 《Agriculture Engineering Technology(Greenhouse Horticulture)》
China Agriculture Mechanization Association Protected Agriculture Sub-Association
The Forum is mean to show the current facilities agriculture leading edge technology development at home and abroad, sharing the new technologies, new products, new solutions of the Greenhouse gardening industry.
Topic: One step ahead-Create a better climate for growth
Speaker: 张翊
General manager of Shanghai Ludvig Svensson Horti-Equip Co.,Ltd.
Topic: Research and application of intelligent Spatial soilless cultivation technologies and equipment in plant factory
Speaker: 卜云龙
Deputy chief engineer, general manager of r&d department of Beijing kingpeng international Hi-Tech Corporation
Topic: Introduction on Equipment Integration for Plant Production
Speaker: 袁雪锋
agriculture engineer of HuaNong Agriculture Engineering Co. Ltd.
Topic: How to achieve high quality and efficient horticultural production with the lowest cost?
CEO of Yunnan Ai Bi Da Horticulture Technology Co.,Ltd
Topic: The Application of Semi-closed Greenhouse and Active cooling in the Construction of Modern Greenhouses in China
General manager of Beijing Oriental Technologies Ltd
Topic: Common Questions and Countermeasures of Gear Motor
Speaker: 杨国威
CEO of Beijing Fenglong Greenhouse Technology Co.,LTD
Topic: LED application of Tomato in large modern greenhouse in North China
high-wire Plant Specialist, Horticulture LED Lighting, Philips Lighting of Philips Lighting(China) Investment Co Ltd
12.Vertical Greening and Beautiful China Construction Seminar 
Time: May 11 13:30-17:00    
Venue: W3A01 Meeting Room
Managed by:China National Construction Research Association of Green Construction and Energy        
Conservation Professional Committee
International Green Roof Association
Moderator: Yang Xinhang
Topic: The Development Prospect of Vertical Greening in Green Building
Speaker: Wang Yueyi
Secretary General of China Civil Construction Green Building and Energy Conservation Committee
Topic: The fifth facade of the building is green, beautified, and ecological
Speaker: Ma Liya
Secretary general of the strategic alliance of ecological landscape and vertical greening industry in Beijing-Tianjin and Tianjin, director of the architectural greening Research Office of Tianjin horticulture engineering Institute.
Topic: Vertical Greening Ecological Restoration of Urban Areas
Speaker: Wang Ke
Director of Research Office of China Construction Technology Center and General Manager of China Construction Burley 3D Green Company
Topic: Local Flowers and Flowers Enter the New Age
Speaker: Shi Hailong
General Manager of Beijing Green Flower Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
Topic: The Technology of Making a Rainforest Ecological Cylinder
Speaker: Xiao yilian
General Manager of Yunnan Chuxiu Garden Greenery Engineering Co. Ltd.
13. China Int’l Floricultural and Horticultural Development Forum - China Nursery Plants Industry Trends Forum
Time: May 11 9:30-12:00   
Venue: W-202 Meeting Room
Managed by:Nursery Stock Branch of China Flower Association
Topic: Mainly focus on the application of nursery plants and trends in China with practical cases analysis. 
Speaker: Zheng Yongping
President of Nursery Stock Branch of CFA
Director of Zhejiang Senhe Seed Co., Ltd
Topic: Talking about China nursery business situation and development by authoritative data.
Speaker: Wu Shiguang
Vice Secretary General of Nursery Stock Branch of CFA
President of Hangzhou Yuanchang Business Consultancy Co., Ltd.
14. China Int’l Floricultural and Horticultural Development Forum - Branding strategy and new model exploration of flower retail
Time: May 11 14:00-16:30 
Venue: W-202 Meeting Room
Managed by:Retail Trade Branch of China Flower Association
With new concept, new model and new thinking as the main direction of the forum, taking the retail demand of flower industry as the point of appeal, we invite distinctive speakers in the industry to share their ideas. At the same time, with the forum as an opportunity, we promote the 5th China Cup Flower Design Competition (2018) and the World Flower Design Competition in Beijing, 2019.
Topic:Old Concepts vs New Approaches on Garden Center
Speaker:Lin Qiaoling
CEO of Beijing Huaxiang Green Garden Group.
Topic:Brand Marketing and Management of Chain Flower Store
Speaker:Zhang Yueming
Manager of Shanghai Redsun Minghuashow Brand Management Co., Ltd.
Topic:Large-sized Flower and Plant Project Management vs Standardized Implementation
Speaker:Cheng Jing
Co-founder of Sikastone (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Topic:The Beautiful World Lacks Discovery---How to Improve the Business of Flower Store by Means of Floriculture and Horticulture?
Speaker:Liu Xuan
CEO of Xuzhou Flora Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd
15. Taobao flower gardening seller meeting
Time: May 11 13:30-16:30 
Venue: W-202 Meeting Room
Managed by:Alibaba Group Taobao Marketplace 
Speaker: Lu Zhipeng (Ye Zhao)
Topic: 2018 flower garden Taobao store operation analysis
Brief introduction: introduce the new ideas and directions of Taobao flower gardening in 2018, and answer questions in operation.
16. "Private garden design and construction “Seminar
Time: May 12 9:30-12:00
Venue: W3A01 Meeting Room
Although China's private garden construction industry has a long history, it can also be said to be an emerging industry. With the continuous upgrading of the concept of garden consumption, more and more gardening companies have mushroomed and how the private garden industry should move forward. It also requires everyone's joint efforts. This "private garden design and construction" seminar focused on the courtyard industry market development status and future trends, explore the new situation, how to better develop the market and lead the market.
Topic:Analysis on the trend of garden development in the next ten years
Speaker:Ma Zhiyu
Beijing Peace Garden Design Office Founder   
Topic:The application of Suzhou garden culture in the present garden living life
Speaker:Zhu Gaofeng
Suzhou Architect Building Landscape Design Limited Company Founder 
Topic:How to customize a real top private garden
Speaker:Ji Jing 
Beijing Jijing Yuncheng Landscape Engineering Limited Company Founder/Design Director  
Topic:The neglected garden blue sea--Small garden market analysis
Speaker:Lang Kaizhou
Shanghai Junting Engineering Design Limited Company Founder
17. Flower Arrangement Show

May 10





North Side,Hall W3


Opening Ceremony



2018 Popular Flower Design Release



Chinese Flower Arrangement Show

Wan Hong, etc.


Pui Wa Floral Design School Special Show

Cindy Chow(Macao

Damien Koh(Singapore

May 11


Western Modern Flower Design Show

Pim van den Akker(Netherlands)


Nordic Fashion Flower Design Show

Per Benjamin(Sweden) & Annette von Einem(Denmark)


Flower Ceremony Show


May 12


Taiwan RenWen HuaDao Special Show

Wang Guozhong(Taiwan)


Sogetsu Flower Design Show



Lin Xiaohui


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