COFCO Wisdom Farm Created by Science & Technology of Beijing IEDA Protected Horticulture Co., Ltd. (W1C50)

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On Oct., 20, 2015, the opening ceremony of COFCO Wisdom Farm of China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO) was held magnificently. COFCO Wisdom Farm will not only become a new landmark of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, but also the first domestic world-class metropolitan farm.

COFCO Wisdom Farm is one of the representative works of Beijing IEDA Protected Horticulture Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: W1 C50), an important exhibitor from the 18th Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing. As the general contractor of the farm, Beijing IEDA Protected Horticulture Co., Ltd. has undertaken the whole packaged service, i.e., from scheme, planning, design, construction to operation of the farm. With the principle of innovation and int’l cooperation, and core target being domestic top as well as int’l first-class modern metropolitan complex, Beijing IEDA has finished all the construction work after 1 year’s time, realizing the main tasks of industry chain, service chain and value chain of COFCO Wisdom Farm.

It is believed that with the grand opening of COFCO Wisdom Farm, the new trend of spending a holiday in the farm will be initiated at home. COFCO Wisdom Farm, the master piece of Beijing IEDA Protected Horticulture Co., Ltd., shows the professionalism and creativeness of the general contractor. As the leader in modern facilities agriculture field, Beijing IEDA Protected Horticulture Co., Ltd. will strive forward to reach a new height in the industry.

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