The Flower and Plants Exhibition in Sinkiang Plays the “Internet Plus” Card to Improve Export

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It is reported on China Garden Website that the 4th Flowers and Plants Exhibition in Sinkiang will be held in Hutubi County on August 28th by Sinkiang Forest Department and Changji Prefecture government. The exhibition aims to improve export using the strategy of “Internet Plus”.

Combined with the industry of flowers and plants' development orientation in Silk Road, the exhibition set the theme as “Grand meeting of Silk Road, realize dream for beautiful China”.The venue of the 4th Flowers and Plants Exhibition is Hutubi National-Level Nursery Stock Market. Exhibition area is composed of outside area(20000㎡) and inside area(2000㎡),containing five districts for various products.

The exhibition is planning to hold five theme activities, five special events and four support activities. The unique part of the exhibition is that is applies “Internet Plus” model to create the official website, official WeChat and the online “Internet Plus” platform for strengthening the cooperation and communication between markets in Middle Asia. This year, Chinese Academy of Science will establish research and development center for aromatic in Middle Asia with Kazakhstan.

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