The Market for Creative Flowers on Chinses Valentine’s Day

Date:2015-09-07 View: 153 Compiler:

Today,August 20th, is Chinese Valentine's day. Instead of sending regular roses, many people choose to send creative flowers, like preserved flowers, flowers made out ofvegetables, soap oreven Minions to their lovers.

During these days, preserved flowers are in hot sale at T-mall, Suning and JD. Preserved flowers put in boxes can be sold at 88RMB each online.

There are even flowers made out of soap. Toilet soaps carved as roses not only looks pretty but also attract many buyers.

It is noticed that prices of thses creative flowers go from a few bucks to thousands of RMB. An online seller told the reporter that creative flowers below one hundred yuan sells the best in tha market. Three to four hundre of soap roses were sold yesterdayata online shop according to the sellig record at Taobao.

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