Global Expo Cargo (Beijing) Ltd.

Room 511, Block 8 Time Fortune No.6 Jia, Shuguang Xili Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100028

全球展运国际货运代理(北京)有限公司北京市朝阳区曙光西里甲 6 号院 时间国际 8 号楼 511 室  
Mobile: +86 139 1150 9722



1.    Airfreight and seafreight consignee/notify:


Global Expo Cargo (Beijing) Ltd. Room 511, Block 8 Time Fortune

No.6 Jia, Shuguang Xili Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100028 Attn: Jeff Zhang, Lynn Duan, Ruby Wang

VAT no.: 9111 0105 0979 4818 XH

Tel: +86 10 5338 7355



Global Expo Cargo (Beijing) Ltd. C/O Hortiflorexpo 2020, Beijing, China Exhibitor Name: XXX

Hall No.: XXX Booth No.:XXX

2.    Deadlines:

Airfreight to Beijing Airport: Mar.25 Seafreight FCL to Xingang port: Mar.20 Seafreight LCL to Xingang port: Mar.13

Documents required: 7 days before shipment arrive China

3.    Our contact:   Mobile +86 139 1150 9722  Mobile: +86 136 9116 7753 Mobile:+86 152 1086 8580

Office Tel: +86 10 5338 7355


Note: Hortiflorexpo is very special exhibition, if any plants come to China, please inform us 7 days before send you shipment, we will guide you what document we need, as Customs and Quarantine Bureau is very strict.



1.    Basic Handling Charge from Airport/Seaport to fair booth via bonded warehouse: Seafreight: RMB950.00/cbm (min. 5cbm; 20’min. 23cbm; 40’min.46cbm; 40’HC(min.50cbm) Airfreight: RMB9.50/kgs (min.150kgs)

2.    Basic Service Charge and Documentation fee: RMB550/exhibitor/consignment

3.    Custom Clearance Fee:

Seafreight: RMB42.00/cbm (min.420/shipment/exhibitor) Airfreight: RMB800.00/shipment/exhibitor

4.    Quarantine Clearance Fee:

Seafreight: RMB42.00/cbm (min.420/shipment/exhibitor) Airfreight: RMB800.00/shipment/exhibitor

5.    Airport and seaport charge:

Airport THC: RMB2.90/kgs (min. RMB1400.00/shipment) Seaport LCL THC: RMB280/cbm (Min.5cbm)

Seaport FCL THC: As per outlay + 5% prepaid charge.

6.    Warehouse Storage and Warehouse handling: (there is no free charge period for storage) Airfreight storage: RMB0.15/kgs/day (Min.150kgs)

Seafreight storage and empty storage: RMB10.00/cbm/day

Bonded warehouse handling: Airfreight RMB0.31/kgs/in/out; Seafreight RMB35.00/cbm/in/out

7.    Other charge:

Ø  Outbound: same as inbound

Ø  Container detention and demurrage: as per outlay +5%

Ø  Return and pick up the empty container to seaport: RMB3500.00/container

Ø  Customs and quarantine inspection charge for special plants: to be advised

Ø  Customs clearance for Consumed, Abandoned, Sold shipment: to be advised

Ø  Customs import duties and taxes: to be advised

Ø  Heavy lift surcharge over 3000kgs for individual package: to be advised

Ø  Late arrival surcharge: 30% on basic handling charge.

Ø  Surcharge for Dangerous, refrigerated goods and high value goods: to be advised.

Ø  Insurance: We are highly recommended exhibitors or agents to arrange the insurance which cover all the transportation.


Note: Above rates quoted excluded any optional charges that hasn't specify, If any special service required from exhibitor not covered by this quotation, please notify Global Expo Cargo (Beijing) Ltd. In advance, quotation will be given upon request.

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