Time Schedule

Exhibitors Registration & Stand Arrangement

Raw Space exhibitor register and build-up
8:30-17:30, Apr.5 (Sunday)
8:30-20:30, Apr. 6 (Monday)

Standard booth exhibitor register and build-up
8:30-20:30, Apr. 6 (Monday)

Venue Opening Hours
9:00-16:30, Apr. 7 (Tuesday), Apr. 8 (Wednesday)
9:00-15:00, Apr. 9 (Thursday)

Exhibitor Working Hours
8:30-17:00, Apr. 7 (Tuesday), Apr. 8 (Wednesday)
8:30-20:30, Apr. 9 (Thursday) 

Exhibition Move-out Time
15:00-20:30, Apr. 9 (Thursday) 

Venue:China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)
88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District Beijing, China

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