Terms and Conditions for Participation
in The 22nd Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing

The Exhibition Management, hereupon state that the exhibitor, who applies to participate in the The 22nd Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing, will be required to comply with the Terms and Conditions.


“Exhibition” means Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing 2020. 

“Organizer” means China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 

“Exhibitor” means the Unit or Individual who will be assigned the booth by the Organizer according to the Contract. 

“Exhibit” means the goods of the Exhibitor exhibited at the booth. 

“Booth” means the space and the stand assigned to the Exhibitor. 

“Hall” means the showroom or ground related to the exhibition.

“Designated Contractor” means the Individual or Company, employed by the Hall Operator or the Organizer, who will undertake construction, assembly or other work for the booth during the Exhibition period.

2.Exhibition Time: 16-18, Sept, 2020

Opening hour: 9:00--16:30, 16 (Wed.)--17 (Thurs.), Sept, 2020 

9:00--15:00, 18 (Fri.) Sept, 2020

During the exhibition period, booth and exhibits cannot be covered and exhibits cannot be removed from the hall. Exhibitors have to attend their exhibits. 

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing, China 

3. The Organizer will abide by the stipulations of the relevant laws of the Chinese government, including Intellectual Property Right, Patent Protection, Animal & Plant Quarantine Law, etc. If the exhibitor violates the law, he shall bear all losses resulting from breaking the law.

4. The Exhibitor shall apply his booth based on the Contract provided by the Organizer, fill in the Application Form including the exhibits faithfully and in details. The Organizer is entitled to accept or refuse the application without offering reasons. The Contract comes into force when the Organizer signs Booth Confirmation. If the Exhibitor fails to effect the payment for the full amount of booth fees before the stipulated date to the Organizer, or the Exhibitor violates the terms and conditions in the Contract, the Organizer is entitled to withdraw the assigned booth, to acquire the fees already paid and to be paid, and to be indemnified due to the losses incurred. 

5. If the exhibitor cancels or reduces his stand space due to various reasons, the Organizer will dispose of the cancelled or reduced part of space at his own will. The Exhibitor still remains obliged to bear a certain amount of cancellation fees:

a). up to 90 days before the start of the show, 30% of the booth fees.

b). up to 45 days before the start of the show, 70% of the booth fees.

c). up to 10 days before the start of the show, 90% of the booth fees.

d). less than 10 days before the start of the show, full amount of the booth fees.

6. The Organizer will notify the Exhibitor of the date and time for the exhibits or other goods to be received by the Hall side, booth construction & dismantling, exhibits and other goods move-out in the Exhibitor Manual in advance. It depends on the Hall side whether or not to provide the extra time which is required by the Exhibitor to enter & exit the Hall, to construct & dismantle. The relevant cost shall be borne by the Exhibitor. All goods shall go through the entry & exit designated by the Organizer. Workers to receive, unload, carry and dismantle goods shall be arranged by the Exhibitor. If they’re not available, the Organizer can make necessary arrangement for the Exhibitor who shall undertake relevant cost and risks incurred.

7. The construction of the booth and the equipment displayed shall be in conformity with the rules and regulations stipulated by the governmental department and the Hall side including fire-fighting safety management. Meanwhile, Schemes & Design Drawings shall be handed to the Contractor designated by the Organizer and approval obtained before the construction. The protective measures for the construction of the booth and the safety of the exhibits, probably required by the government or other management organizations, shall be executed and the cost borne by the Exhibitor.

8. The construction of booth shall not impede the light or sight at the raw space and the passageway, or block the passageway, or affect the display of other exhibitor, or affect the visit and negotiation, or affect the overall image of the exhibition, deemed by the Organizer.

9. The Exhibitor shall not cut or damage the fairground, wall side or any part of the exhibition Hall. Without the writing permission from the Organizer, any device in the booth shall not be fastened to the ceiling, fairground or any other part of the exhibition Hall. The Exhibitor is liable to the damage to the Hall or other side caused by himself, or his employee, or his agent, or his guest, or his goods, and shall bear full amount of compensation. The Organizer takes the responsibilities of the undertaker of the exhibition and relevant activity according to the law, but the responsibilities, in any cases, shall not be extended to the damage to the goods, to the visitors, to other Exhibitor, caused by any Third Party or Exhibitor. 

10. Audio and visual equipment or other machines are only allowed to operate when the volume of the noise is low enough and will not make the visitors and other exhibitors unpleasant. The Organizer is entitled to judge the acceptable volume of the noise.

11. Publicity and promotional activity of the Exhibitor can only be conducted at his booth, which are not allowed to be carried out in any other places at the venue. Leaflets and other printing brochures can only be distributed at the Exhibitor’s own booth. The Exhibitor shall not past, display or distribute the publicity brochures in any other places in the Hall. The Organizer has the right to stop the improper publicity and promotional activity of the Exhibitor. The losses caused shall be borne by the Exhibitor. The Organizer shall not be held responsible.

12. General lighting will be provided by the Hall side. Exhibitor will be offered a Price List regarding the additional electricity, water consumption, or compressed air, probably needed at the booth. Without the permission from the Organizer or the Hall side, Exhibitor is not allowed to connect electricity, water, compressed air, or other equipment, or hinder the use of the facilities mentioned above. Other electricity service provider will not be allowed to work in the Hall. 

13. The trade fairgrounds and halls shall generally be patrolled around the clock by security guards appointed by the Organizer during the exhibition period. However, the exhibitor shall be responsible for the safety and theft-against of the goods. In case of any damage or loss, the Organizer shall not be held responsible.

14. The Exhibitor Manual will be sent to the Exhibitor, which includes various kinds of rules and regulations, booth construction and dismantling, forms to apply for relevant services. These forms shall be sent to the Designated Contractor. Exhibitor shall follow the rules and regulations stipulated in the Exhibitor Manual.

15. The Organizer reserves the right to change the venue and the date of the exhibition because of the Force Majeure. Exhibitor shall not lodge compensation against it. If the loss is caused by the Designated Contractor, the Organizer will assist the Exhibitor to protect his right. 

16. This Contract mainly states the terms and conditions for participating in the exhibition. For other relevant matters, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual or any notices sent to the Exhibitor in other mode by the Organizer.  

17. Any disputes between the Organizer and the Exhibitor shall be settled in the principle of friendly negotiation. 


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