Official Catalogue & Exhibits Category

Deadline: March, 9, 2020

Please submit the catalogue and exhibits category online through the Website:

1. Click "Exhibit", Find "The 22nd Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing"

2. Click "Catalogue"

3. After your filling the content of the catalogue, please click “Submit”.



The product description should less than 400 characters in English or less than 300 words in Chinese.

If you fail to submit yr show catalogue entry online before the deadline, we cannot guarantee that yr Co.’s info will be printed in the show catalogue.


Contact: Ms. Zhu Tingting

China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Tel: +86-10-88102543       




The 20th Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing Exhibitor Manual


1. General Information---4

    1.1 Venue---4
    1.2 Time Schedule---4
    1.3 Info of Service Providers---5
    1.4 Exhibiting Notice---6
    1.5 Traffic Guide---7
    1.6 Stand Decoration Service---11
    1.7 Forwarding Service---14

2. comprehensive service---15

    2.1 Official Catalogue & Exhibits Category---15
    2.2 Exhibitors’ Badge Registration---16
    2.3 Application to Participate in Technical Exchange Seminar---17
    2.4 Advertisement---20
    2.5 Invitation Information for Visa---23
    2.6 Visitor Invitation---24
    2.7 Interpreter & Temporary Staff---25
    2.8 Hotel Reservation Form---27

3. build-up service---31

    3.1 Shell Scheme & Fascia Name---31
    3.2 Raw Space Construction---32
    3.3 Renting Furniture---33
    3.4 Electricity Application---37
    3.5 Water Application---40
    3.6 Application on Over-time Working---41
    3.7 Application on Tel and Website---42

4. IPR---44


Appendix II. Tariff---46


Hortiflorexpo IPM Member Services

May.23-25, 2024 China International Center (Shunyi Hall)Beijing China

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Online ServiceTime:8:30-17:00

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